Absentee Deposit-Participation Form

We will gladly join the auction on behalf of you for any auctions which you cannot join. This service rendered by us is free of charges.

Separately determine the limits of offers and increments for each item for sale. The limit for the offer you will make will be compared to the cheapest price among other bids and the reserve amount. VAT, commissions and VAT for the commissions will be added to the hammer price. When the orders are received from two or more people for the same item to make any bids, the first bid will be taken into consideration. “Buy” orders will not be taken into consideration without determination of the limit. In order for the bids in this form to be taken into consideration, the form needs to Access to the persons authorized 24 hours before the time of the auction. ESKİDJİ will not be held liable for the errors and negligence on the form for lodging and making bids. The persons who attended to the auction accompanied by this form will be deemed to have accepted the general conditions of auction and special clauses for taking part in the relevant auctions of ESKİDJİ.

Müzayede Bilgileri

Personal Information

Information About Given Bids Of Lot

Sequence No
General Information TL Limit
(Without the Commission and the VAT)

I hereby request the purchase of the items mentioned above without keeping the ESKIDJI personnel liable under the conditions which I have determined.


After having this form printed out and signed, you need to fax it to the department concerned.

For Liquidation 0212 652 30 15

For Real Estate 0212 654 89 39

Art Şişli 0212 296 00 78

For Car 0212 551 08 00